Best Ways of hiding apps on Android – (Like Tinder) 2019

Hiding apps are necessary for some situations. We often need to hide some apps from others. Like in some situations where you have to hand over your phone to others. And you think that applications like dating apps and others should be hidden from others. Then you have to find a proper solution for hiding apps. There are lots of solution to hide these kinds of apps on Android. Let’s see the top tricks of app hiding.

Hiding Apps on Android

Why you should hide apps like Tinder, messenger, etc instead of protecting with passwords. Yes, you can use AppLock to password protect these apps. But it will prevent others from launching the app. They can see that that app exists on your phone. And if you protect it with password then their doubt will be increased. So, you have to hide these apps from your phone so that others can’t see it. Only you can use the app whenever you need. There are lots of ways by which you can hide apps on Android. Let’s see some top solutions for app hiding.

1. App Hider

The best solution to hiding apps on Android is the App Hider app. This application hider app creates a clone of the app that you want to hide. Then you have to uninstall from your app drawer. Then the app that you are hiding will reside in the App Hider app. You can launch the app from the App Hider app whenever you need it. But what about the App Hider app. People can see App Hider app in your app drawer and they will doubt you that you definitely hid some content. The solution is also given in the App Hider app. You can convert the App Hider app into a Calculator App. So, people can see it as a normal calculator. But whenever the pin is entered the App Hider app will be opened. Basically, it is an app that hides app.

The first step for hiding apps: Install App Hider app from Google Play Store.

hiding apps

Add the app you want to hide (In our case, we added Tinder).

The clone of that app will be created. Long press on the app and you will find the ‘Hide’ option.

hiding apps

It will give you some message that the app is going to be uninstalled from the main app drawer.

hiding apps

Remember that your previous data will be removed. So, backup your data before using this method. To hide the App Hider, click on ‘Protect AppHider’.

hiding apps

Set your pin and the ‘App Hider’ will be converted into a normal Calculator. Whenever you enter the pin, the App Hider app will be opened.

The Calculator works as a normal calculator. So, it’s not easy to identify that it is actually an app that hides app. The major drawback of this app is full-screen Ads. But the fact is that it is free to use and the best way of app hiding.

Download App Hider (Free).

2. Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher is the most famous Android Launcher and best launcher to hide apps. But the prime version of the app costs Rs. 99 only. So, you have to purchase the Nova Launcher Prime if you want to use Hide Apps feature. The free version doesn’t have the Hide Apps feature. I think Nova Launcher Prime is already used by many peoples and great for app hiding. That is why we are covering it.

In the free version of the Launcher, you can change the app’s name and icon in the App Drawer. So, no one can identify the app. But still not the proper solution for hiding apps. Because by chance if they open it then you have to face the situation. That is all you can do with the free version of the Nova Launcher to hide apps. Let’s have a look How you can hide apps in Nova Launcher Prime.

First of all, find Nova Settings.

launcher to hide apps

From the list of settings, select ‘App Drawer’.

launcher to hide apps

Scroll to the bottom, you will find the ‘Hide Apps’ option.

launcher to hide apps

Then select the app you want to hide. Here we hide the Tinder app. So we selected Tinder to describe the way of hiding apps.

hide app launcher

Congratulations! Your app is now hidden from the App Drawer. But you can still find it from the search option. If you want to hide it from the search results too. Then see the next solution for hiding apps.

Download Nova Launcher Prime (Rs. 99)

3. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is another famous custom launcher to hide apps for Android. You don’t have to buy anything for hiding apps. All features of hiding apps are available in the free version of the Apex Launcher to hide apps. If it is the best solution then why we have not covered it at the top. The Answer is that Nova Launcher is more famous than Apex Launcher. So, if you are using Apex Launcher or finding a free launcher to hide apps then here it. Apex Launcher is not only providing ‘Hide Apps’ feature. It is also giving a lot of options. Let’s see.

First Way for hiding apps: find Apex Settings. You can press and hold on the home screen to get the Apex Settings.

launcher to hide apps

Select ‘Hidden Apps’ option from the list of setting.

launcher to hide apps

Go to ‘Add Hidden Apps’ and select apps you want to hide. In my case, I selected the Tinder app to hide.

Congratulations! it is now hidden from your app drawer and search option. There are few settings for like ‘Enable Password’, ‘Show in search results’ and ‘Remove from home screen’. These features will be helpful to you.

Now, whenever you want to open the app you have to go to the Hidden Apps section of the Apex Settings.

Download Apex Launcher (Free)

4. Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher is another launcher in this list that has the feature to hide apps. Smart Launcher is a pretty good launcher for Android. It is clean and clutter free. The smart search feature of this launcher is the main highlight. It searches on Messages, apps, contacts, etc. Its app drawer is a little different from other launchers. All apps here are categorized into different segments like communication, Internet, Games, Media, etc. It also has a news tab at the left that gives you news and articles. But you are not here to know about these. So, let’s talk about the main topic. How to hide apps using Smart Launcher?

First Step for hiding apps: Swipe up from the homepage to get app drawer.

Smart Launcher

Hold the app that you want to hide. Tap on ‘Hide Icon (Eye icon)’ to hide it.

Smart Launcher

Now it’s hidden from the app drawer.

Hiding Apps on Android

Wooh! It’s hidden now. It is also hidden from the search list. So, how you can open the app after hiding it. Again swipe up from the bottom to get the app drawer. At the top right position, you will find a three-dot menu. Here you can have the option ‘Hidden Apps’. You can use the app from there. Hold the app icon and click on the ‘Eye’ icon to restore it again. And this Smart Launcher is also free but you have to purchase it if you want some extra features for hiding apps.

Download Smart Launcher (Free).

Hiding Apps on Android

Hiding apps on Android is too easy for you now. We have mentioned a lot of famous ways of hiding apps on Android. Choose any of these and enjoy. Remember that you can use guest mode on Stock Android for hiding apps. But all these above techniques for everyone. There are a lot of App that hides app but we tried to mention the most famous and useful app. We have tried a lot of apps and then we decided to include the App Hider app on this list. Because you will find less amount of ads here and it is efficient enough. If you don’t want to use this cloning technique then use launchers we have mentioned for hiding apps. All these above launchers are famous launchers for Android. And hiding apps on these launchers are so easy. Let us know your favorite trick of hiding apps on Android. Stay tuned for more Tech Contents.

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