Pixel 4 Recorder App Transcribes Voice into text in Real-Time – Get on Any Android Phone


The New Google Pixel 4 Recorder App is one of the coolest features in 2019. This App instantly transcribes your voice into text in real-time and you can search a particular word, applause, and music from your recordings. This new Pixel 4 Recorder App is only exclusive for new Pixel devices. But wait, we are here to help you. You can also taste this new feature on your Android. And as we mentioned in the title, ‘Any Android Phone’, yeah that’s true. It works flawlessly on pretty any Android device.

Pixel 4 Recorder App

Not only the transcript feature is cool. It also detects speech, music, applause in real-time. So without wasting any more time let’s see how you can get Pixel 4 Recorder App on Any Android phone.

Note that: your device should have Android 9.0 Pie or higher. And it also needs to be set up for sideloading apps. If it is, then you can use this futuristic and unique Voice Recorder app.

Download Pixel 4 Recorder App from APKMirror.

I tested out the APK on Realme 2 running Android 9.0 and it works fine. It is perfectly detecting speech, music, and applause. The transcript feature is also working with ease. It transcribes perfectly even in a noisy environment. And it puts punctuation flawlessly. If it detects long pause it puts a time stamp on sentences. The most amazing feature is its searching with words. Literally, it allows searching e particular word through all your recordings. And it works nicely. Like if you search ‘Applause’ across multiple recordings and it points to the exact time frame where the word appeared.

Pixel 4 Recorder App

Alternatives to Pixel 4 Recorder App:

If you have an Android device with a lower version of Android then you are looking for an alternative to this. This futuristic recorder app has some alternatives. Voicea, Otter, Live Transcribe etc are the options. Sadly, these are paid apps.

Pixel 4 Recorder App

Voicea cannot transcribe in real-time but after saving your recording, it transcribe perfectly. But if you want to have a voice recorder to record lectures then Google Voice Recorder is almost perfect for you. The transcription doesn’t require internet, it works offline.


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