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Thoughts on Realme 3 – Better than Redmi Note 7 ???

Realme just launched their Realme 3 with an aggressive price. The device comes with a dual camera, glossy gradient back, water-drop notch, Helio P70, and 4,230 mAh battery. They launched the 3GB variant for 8,999 Rs. and the 4GB RAM variant for 10,999 Rs. Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 carries a similar price segment. Both devices offer great specifications. So the question is which one is better? Let’s discuss some points where Realme 3 is weaker than Redmi Note 7.

Realme 3 Review


1. Build Quality :

Realme 3 comes with a shiny glossy rear panel. The front design of the de3vcie is also impressive. But the device’s back is just made of Polycarbonate. Whereas Redmi Note 7 comes with Glass back which will give you a better in-hand feel. So, build quality is the weakness of the beautiful Realme 3. You should definitely consider this point before buying the device.

2. Poor Display quality :

The display on this Realme 3 has HD+ resolution only. Whereas Redmi Note 7 carries FullHD+ resolution display. So, the display quality will be poor on this device. They did the same mistake with Realme 2. They provided an HD+ display there. If you are going to buy a smartphone for media consumption then this point will be an important point for you.

Redmi Note 7

Realme 3 Display

3. No Fast Charging Support :

Realme 3 does not support any fast charging. You will get a 10W regular charger in the box. And if you want to charge it fast with the help of any external fast charger then you can’t do something like that. But Redmi Note 7 supports fast charging. Realme 3 comes with 4,230 mAh Battery which is really huge. So it will take a lot of time to charge the device.

Realme 3 Fast Charging

4. No USB Type-C :

In 2019, Realme launched a phone with Micro USB. They said that they are targetting youth. So they should be updated. But they just missed the USB Type-C. This one is not a huge point but still, it should be mentioned. Because other brands in this price segment are providing the USB Type-C. So the lack of USB Type-C pulls back the Realme 3 from the competition.

All these points are for those who really care about it. So before buying Realme 3, you should think about these points. Feel free to comment below your thoughts.

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