Boult Audio Twinpods Review: A True Wireless Earbuds

Boult Audio Twinpods Review

The headphone jack is dying slowly. So, this is the right time to switch to the Bluetooth earphones. But you are thinking that Bluetooth earphones are quite expensive. But it’s not true. Thanks to the Boult Audio that offers Boult Audio Twinpods which is really affordable. As the title says that this is a ‘True Wireless Earbuds’. Even no wire is required to charge it. It is really a true wireless earphone.

Boult Audio Twinpods offers Supreme Acoustics & High Fidelity Audio. The most interesting part is that you can use these earbuds as monopods. We will talk in details about this True Wireless Earbuds. Thanks to Boult Audio for sending this product for review. I am using it as my primary audio device for a couple of weeks. They are available on and The price of this one is just around 2,000 Rs. Let’s see this earphone is really value for money or not.

What’s in the Box

The company doesn’t make compromises in packaging and the Twinpods are no exception. They come in a large and hard cardboard box which is padded with foam. The box looks like a jewelry box. At the top, you can find the charging case that comes with the earbuds inside. The charging case is really portable and comes with a nice look.

  • A pair of earbuds
  • 1x charging case
  • 1x micro USB charging cable
  • Extra ear tips
  • Instruction manual

Design and Build

The build and design is an attractive point of this earbuds. It comes with a metal charging case that is a rectangle in shape with rounded sides. Boult Audio branding is at the top. The charging case has the LED indicator that indicates the charging level of the case. One side of the case has a rubberband stripe to pull it off. Two earbuds with exact same design come inside the charging case. Magnetic pins are there in both slots of the case. The inside body of the case is made of plastic.

Two earbuds come with a plastic build and small size. It fits in the ear as no one can easily notice that you are wearing earphones. Both the earbuds have a big action button by which you can take several actions. The LED indicator is also in the middle of the earbud. Both the earbuds have a proper marking for left and right. Magnetic pin connector is also present on both earbuds for charging.

Earbuds are really comfortable for short time usage. Because of its plastic build, it is lightweight.  Boult Audio Twinpods is one of the most comfortable earbuds. But you cannot wear these for more than 2 hours. Maybe you are curious about the fit. Its fit is secure enough so you don’t have to worry about it. It would not fall out so easily. You can use them at the time of sports without any insecurity.

How to Connect

  • Power on the Twinpods by pressing and holding the multi-function button for 4-5 seconds, till you see LED indicator flashing in blue and red alternatively.
  • The Twinpods will pair with each other within 10-15 seconds. After the successful pair the Twinpods, the LED indicator light on Twinpods will become blue.
  • Now turn on the Bluetooth on your device and search for “Boult Twinpods” and connect. If Twinpods are not interconnected then they will work as Monopods.

Audio Quality

If I want to tell you about the sound quality in one phrase then I will say “Loud enough”. Yeah, it is small in size but the sound output is too loud. Built-in micro-woofers that produce a deep bass to help you enjoy the music to the fullest which gives you the energy to carry out the athletic activities of the day. It provides 3D acoustics for your music. Bass output is heavy enough. High tones are also clear but it is a little higher. It depends on personal choice. Some people love more high tones. But I prefer little higher bass. Vocals are clear to hear the proper lyrics. It is well-balanced in terms of Audio. But on a short note, YouTube videos are not synced with the audio. There is a little delay between the audio and video on YouTube. But it is pretty fine with every music player.

Boult Audio Twinpods Review

I have tested it with different music streaming apps such as Gaana, Jio Saavn, Spotify and YouTube Music. If you are a bass lover then this earbuds will be okayish for you. But if you don’t love that much bass. If you only love music with clarity then you will appreciate its audio quality a lot. At this price point, I have never seen any True Wireless Earbuds with this much great audio quality.

Voice Calling

At the time of calling, only one earbud works. You can receive or end a call with the help of that multi-function button. Boult Audio Twinpods has Built-in HD condenser MIC for Calls. But the other person on the call fails to hear my voice sometimes. This situation only occurs in outdoor where a lot of different sounds are present. But you can hear the other person’s voice clearly. So, voice calling on this earbud is pretty good.

Boult Audio Twinpods Review

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the important points to be noticed for a wireless earphone. And keep that in mind that battery life of a wireless earphone depends on the volume level also. I use this Boult Audio Twinpods with 70% and it lasts for almost 3 hours which is not that much as compared to other competitors at a similar price point. Battery capacity is not mentioned anywhere. So we don’t have any information about the battery capacity.

To charge this, you have to just put it in the charging case and it will automatically charge earbuds. At the time of charging, LED indicators become red and after a full charge, it becomes blue. The LED indicator is also present on the charging case. The charging case should be charged via Micro USB cable. The charging case can charge the earbuds three times with a single charge. It means you have to charge the case once and then you can charge your earbuds three times with the charging case. Charging is done by magnetic pins.

Value for Money or Not?

The Boult Audio Twinpods is one of the best True Wireless Earbuds under Rs. 3,000. It offers a lot of attractive features and well-balanced sound to the music lovers. If you are a bass lover then this one might disappoint you a little bit. But the bass is not that bad, it is just well-balanced with the high tones. The design is really unexpected at this price segment. You will not find any True Wireless earbuds with this type of premium build quality. It is just really nice looking earbuds. The connectivity is really good but you have to pair it properly. Overall, this Boult Audio Twinpods is really a value for money product but you should read the Pros and Cons properly. Then according to your needs, you can take the right decision.

Boult Audio Twinpods Review


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  • Great Build Quality
  • Well-balanced sound quality
  • Quality of Voice calls are great
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Separate Monopods


  • Poor Battery Life
  • Connectivity issues at the time of pairing both earbuds
  • The lag between audio and videos on YouTube

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