Maono AU-U3 Review – Better than Boat Stone 200 ??

Maono AU-U3 Review

Maono AU-U3 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that comes around Rs. 1000. This is the era of wireless gadgets because everyone is just irritated with wires. Most of people love wireless Bluetooth speakers to enhance their entertainment. This Maono AU-U3 Speaker is for audiophiles. It is all about super and punchy bass and a massive battery backup. You cannot believe that this speaker is going to perform extraordinarily well. It’s portable and lightweight to carry with a hook. This is a portable small size Bluetooth speaker with an amazing 5 Watts output. The passive subwoofer provides a punchy bass. It is ideal for outdoors because it has IPX6 certification that makes this speaker waterproof and dustproof.

Maono AU-U3 Review

I have used this speaker for a month as my primary audio device. I use a lot of speakers because I love music too much. So after using it for a month, here is my whole experience of this Bluetooth speaker in this article. Before starting, let me just remind you that if you are going to buy this one then just simply click here. It costs around Rs. 1000 on Amazon.

What’s in the Box

Maono AU-U3 Review

The box is simple and comes with a white color theme. Packaging quality is okayish. We should not expect too much at this price segment. Box or packaging is not that much important. The main thing is our speaker for which we are paying.

  • Maono AU-U3 Bluetooth Speaker
  • Aux Cable
  • MicroUSB Cable for charging
  • User Manual
  • Greeting Card
  • Carrying Hook

Design and Build

Maono AU-U3 Bluetooth speaker is small in size. It easily fits in the palm so it becomes portable. It comes with a rectangle shape with rounded corners. All buttons are placed at the top of the speaker. There are five buttons to operate this speaker. The power button is for turning the speaker on/off. The play/pause button gives the ability to play or pause the music or YouTube video. You can change modes with the help of the Mode button. Volume up and Volume down buttons are for volumes and next/previous. It has an inbuilt microphone to take calls. The back and all the sides have rubber finishing to give a good hold. There is a chamber at the back side that is covered with a rubber flap. Aux input, charging port and sd card slot are placed here.

Maono AU-U3 Review

The front side of the speaker has a metallic grill. You can see the speakers through this grill. Maybe you are wondering about the LED indicator. Yes, it is on the front side of the speaker. It blinks alternately in blue and red while it is in pairing mode. It turns red when the battery is low. Two adhesive bars are provided at the bottom of the speaker. So you can stick this speaker with the help of these bars. Just peel the plastic cover off and place it. You can stick it to your desk or in your car. But if you want to carry it with you then don’t do this.

How to Connect

It supports Bluetooth 4.2 so it is easily get connected. Its working distance is 10 meters.

  • Power on the Maono AU-U3 Speaker by pressing and holding the power button for 4-5 seconds, till you see LED indicator flashing in blue and red alternatively.
  • Now turn on the Bluetooth on your device and search for “Maono U3” and connect.

Maono AU-U3 Review

Audio Quality

Maono AU-U3 Bluetooth Speaker comes with 5W output with a passive subwoofer. I used to listen to different kind of songs like Bollywood songs, rock songs, rap songs, metal songs, and heavy rock kinds of music. So, the speaker’s sound quality is awesome if you are looking for punchy and thumpy bass. Vocals are also crystal clear. But high tones or treble is little down. It totally depends on you that you will like the sound quality or not. But for me, I just love its sound.

If you play heavy metal songs and place the speaker at any smooth surface then the speaker will start moving. So, just imagine the amount of bass it will produce. We reviewed Mivi Roam which costs 500 bucks more. Mivi Roam is a little louder than this one and Mivi Roam’s sound was well balanced. Read our full review on Mivi Roam Bluetooth Speaker.

Maono AU-U3 Review

Voice calling through its internal microphone is also good but not that much recommended. You can put an SD card here and play your songs directly from the SD Card. It is really nice. Because most of the speakers don’t have this feature.

Battery Life

Everyone is worried about the battery life of any wireless gadget. But in terms of a wireless audio device, keep that in mind that battery backup totally depends on the volume level. The company claims that this Maono AU-U3 Bluetooth Speaker gives 24 Hours of battery life at 60% of volume. I personally use this speaker at 80% volume level and I got somewhere around 10 hours of battery life. The inbuilt 1800 mAh Lithium Polymer battery is the reason behind the massive battery performance. This amount of battery life is really great for a wireless Bluetooth speaker at this price point. If you are looking for a speaker with massive battery life then Maono AU-U3 is the best option at this price segment.

Value for Money or Not

Maono AU-U3 is one of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 1000. It offers a great bass experience and a massive battery backup, premium feel with its well-built design. It looks good and it is portable enough. The carrying hook will help you to carry this speaker. The IPX6 certification makes the speaker more value for money product. Just watch our review video to see the demo.

Maono AU-U3 Review

At this price segment, no other Bluetooth speaker will give you this much bass output. But if you don’t like that much thumpy bass then this speaker is not for you. But if you are someone who is looking for a wireless Bluetooth speaker with massive battery life, rugged design, Super duper bass, and waterproof feature then you should definitely buy this Maono AU-U3 Bluetooth speaker. Overall, this Maono AU-U3 is a value for money product and read the pros and cons carefully.


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Maono AU-U3 Review – Pros

  • Great Build Quality
  • Super punchy bass
  • Great battery life
  • Portable and small in size
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • No Connectivity issues
  • SD Card Slot

Maono AU-U3 Review – Cons

  • If water goes inside that flap then you will face some issue.
  • Charging time is a little high.

If you want to buy this Maono AU-U3 portable Bluetooth Speaker then the link is given below. Just click on that and make your life wireless.

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