Game For Peace – Better Than PUBG Mobile

Game For Peace

PUBG Mobile is one of the successful games we have seen in the last couple of years. Chinese Tech Giant Tencent has shutdown PUBG Mobile in China. But now the company has launched a new game called ‘Game For Peace’. It is a replacement of the PUBG Mobile which is more patriotic and anti-terrorism. The theme of the game is based on the Chinese Airforce. The whole thing happened because of the Chinese Government. PUBG Mobile was too violent according to the Chinese Government. So, Tencent launched Game For Peace to replace the PUBG Mobile. And this game is a big hit in China. It becomes more popular than PUBG Mobile. So, today we are talking about this new game. Let’s see what changes you will see here.


When you open the game first thing you will notice the background that has military airplanes. The layout is almost similar to the PUBG Mobile but the menu is changed a bit. The training mode is now based on the Snow theme. The overall gaming experience is similar to the PUBG Mobile with little enhancements. The Spawn area is totally changed now. You will see Airforce jet planes everywhere. When you are on the plane, you will see two fighter jets around your plane.

Game For Peace


The Major change is in killing animation. To make the game less violent, when you shoot your enemies they do not bleed. Instead of that, there is a green effect and when they die they wave to ‘goodbye’. The crate, guns, ammo, equipment, maps, and all are similar to the PUBG Mobile. When you are outside the safe zone your health will not decrease. Instead of that, there is a new health part that gives you a little bit of time to get back to the safe zone.

Game For Peace is almost similar to the PUBG Mobile. The game is now more patriotic and dedicated to Chinese Airforce. The killing animation is now really cool and less violent. As per the reports, within 72 hours of its launch, the game has collected over $14 million. The Game For Peace iOS version was the most downloaded free game and top-grossing game in Apple’s China App Store. Maybe you are thinking that why the shutdown PUBG Mobile in China. The reason is that the company was not making money from the game because of the Chinese Government. But now, Game For Peace is just a boom for them. Tencent received the approval to generate revenue. The game is only available to play for 16 Years old or above.

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