BitLife Ribbons List Guide: How to Get All of 40 Ribbons


This BitLife Ribbons List Guide will give you a brief look at all of the ribbons available in this Life Simulator Game. After successfully ending your life on the game, you will win different types of ribbons. It depends on how you play the game. Accordingly, it will reward you for your lifestyle. This will be really unexpected to you. So, you can play in numerous different ways to get different ribbons. We will guide you on how to get your desired ribbon on BitLife from the list of 40 Ribbons. Download the game from here.

After completion of the game, you can check what ribbon you have earned under the cemetery in the main menu. There are 40 different ways to play the game to get different types of ribbons. Some of them are really easy and typical. But some of them are really tricky to get. So, let’s begin the fun of collecting the ribbon you want.

BitLife Ribbons List (40)

BitLife Ribbons

So, here are the numerous ways to play and earn all the BitLife Ribbons. Before starting the list, let me tell you that you have to make sure not to exceed your activity in other parts. You have to think from a real-life perspective. Just follow this BitLife Ribbons list, and earn whatever you want.


As the name suggests, to earn an Academic ribbon, you need to focus on studies. So, what are the student like activities in the game? You need to visit the library frequently. You have to complete your college and go to graduate school. Complete it and get a job in the academic line. It means you have to do a job in a school in any position you like. You can be a teacher or an assistant principal. And while doing these, don’t forget to visit the library once in a while. You have to be a bookish kind of person.


So, in the real world, what kind of activities an Addict person do? You should visit the casino and racecourse. You need to bet a lot and don’t earn too much money from gambling. If you get any offer for drugs, grab it and do it until it becomes your addiction. Don’t take the rehab offer, and keep your health a little bit low to die quickly because of addictions.


To have the Bandit ribbon from this BitLife Ribbons list, you have to successfully complete a train robbery. Try to keep your net worth less than 50 million. Pick a suitable time in the game to rob and rob a train at the exact time. Stay away from well-paid jobs and gamblings.

Barbie Girl

To get the Barbie Girl ribbon in BitLife, you have to play the game as a female or a transgender. The major part of this life is you have to get plastic surgery several times. So, you will need a job to get that surgery done and make sure the job doesn’t pay too much. Avoid mainstream established industry jobs like singing.

Big Boss

Graduate High School and get a degree related to business like Mathematics, Finance, Information system, etc. After completion, go to the business school and graduate from there. After that get a job in the corporate field and dedicate your everything to the job. Get the highest position available in the organization and you have to maintain your net worth over 20 million.

Cat Lady

As the name suggests, you have to start your life as a female. And yes, you have to adopt cats and take care of them by spending most of your time with them. You have to own more than 30 cats and five other pets. Spend your life like this and get the Cat Lady Ribbon in BitLife.


To get this BitLife Ribbon, you have to commit a crime in the game and end up in jail. Try to solve puzzles and escape from prison. When you escape, get a sex change operation and go to a foreign country. Repeat the above steps frequently.


So, this is going to be the deadliest one from the list. Just follow these activities and you will get the ribbon with ease. You need to commit at least five murders on BitLife. You can do it on your own or you can hire hitmen to do for you. If you choose the first option then a tip for you to use the drive-by technique. If you get caught somehow, escape from prison and continue your Deadly life.

Family Guy

Wanna be a Family Guy? Start your journey as a male or a transgender male in the game. Get a wife with at least two children. Try to make your family happy by giving them gifts and all. Don’t earn too much money, just a decent amount will work fine here. Avoid divorce and activities that end you up in jail. Remember major keys, one wife with at least two kids, a decent job, and make them happy throughout your life. Avoid more than three kids otherwise, it will end up with a ‘Fertile’ ribbon.


Find a job in the entertainment industry. You can become an actor, singer, model, chef, or writer or you can have a great social media following (at least 1 million). You also have to maintain good looks. If your look is rated under 80%, consider plastic surgery and try to upscale it. Visit the gym and get some manicures regularly.


To get a ‘Fertile’ ribbon, you need to adopt or give birth to at least eight kids in BitLife. There’s one more ribbon called ‘Fabulously Fertile’. You need to have more than 10 biological children in the game.


This ribbon in BitLife is all about gifts. You have to give gifts to every family member from the beginning. Get a part-time job to gift small things initially to each member. After graduation, get a well-paid job to boost this gift-game. You need to show appreciation and avoid arguments with your loved ones to achieve this ‘Generous’ badge.


You have to be an immortal kind of person by living for more than 100 years in the BitLife game. Visit the gym regularly and stay fit.  Treat your illnesses and stay healthy always. Consider vacations to boost your mental health also.


You have to roam around the world to earn this badge. You need to visit at least 20 different countries in the game. To travel the world you will need money. Make enough money but try to keep your earnings low.

Gold Digger

The golden rule to get this badge is ‘Get rich by marrying rich’. To start, you have to look attractive and come from a rich country. You need to be an unemployed person and earn by stealing from stores and performing freelance gigs. Go to the dating app, target older people with great wealth. Get married without a proper agreement. You will have to make at least 1.5 million by this and do it twice. It would be great if you propose to your partner at a cheap wedding.


Wanna be a Hero in the game? Become a doctor, nurse, or join the military. You can also achieve this by being a good human and try to save someone’s life without any help from police or fire service.


You have to enter this field by making a good amount of money. Then try to make more from them by betting. Two options are there to do so, the Casino of the racetrack. The casino will be an easier option to go with. The goal is to make more than one million but don’t exceed too much or you will end up with the ribbon that you don’t want.


You have to repeatedly go to prison and escape from that. This repeated process should be done at least 10 times to acquire this ribbon. Don’t spend a lot of time in jail otherwise, you will get a different ribbon unexpectedly.


You have to live an influencer’s life in the game. You have to be smart, catchy, and attractive. After you become 13, board the social media and post there frequently. You have to go viral a few times and gain lots of followers. You can earn authentic followers or you can take the shortcut by buying followers. If you have thousands of subscribers on your YouTube channel, monetize it, and become verified. Focus on looks as much as you can. Repeat and gain followers continuously.


Escape from the prison a few times (not more than 6 times). And go to jail for the last time and stay there. Spend the majority of your life in prison and die there. Remember that don’t escape too many times otherwise, you will be rewarded by the Houdini ribbon.


The easiest and laziest way to get this ribbon. All you have to do is ‘Nothing’. Yeah, you just have to avoid works and relationships. Just spend your life by h9itting the age button over and over until you die. Keep your smarts are above 10% to avoid unexpected results.


This achievement requires 20 million dollars of earning. So, just set your goal to earn more than $20 million.


This is the easiest from this BitLife Ribbons list. You have to have more than 20 sexual partners in the game. Hook up with people a lot. Make sure to have STD cured. One more suggestion is don’t go to clubs more than 10 times.


If you want to be Mediocre, just avoid the growth. Stick to low profile jobs with less salary. Try to spend a boring kind of life. Make sure you get a job otherwise you will get the Lazy tag.

Model Bitizen

You need to maintain your net worth around $50,000. Avoid any kind of illegal activity. Avoid drinks, drugs, and bad relationships. Try to make a healthy relationship with everyone. Appreciate compliments from people. Keep your karma percentage over 50.


It’s all about buying and selling houses in BitLife. You have to repeat this process at least 10 times. Buy houses, renovate them, sell them, and make a profit of over 1 million dollars.


Try to get as much cash as you can from all of your family members. Try to live on their cash and don’t give out cash to anyone.

Movie Buff

It’s all about love for movies. You need to make sure that you visit movie theatres at least 20 times a year. Don’t do anything which can be noticeable. Just spend your life enjoying movies.


To get this tag, you have to maintain a net worth of between $2.5 million and $20 million. If you performed well in studies then go for very high profile jobs. Don’t cross that net worth barrier at all.


Go to clubs and get yourself involved in fights with people in the club. Try to do it more than 10 times. Do take drugs and drink a lot in the game. Disturb neighbors by doing noisy parties. And then neighbors will come and argue with you.


Go to prison and be there for at least 5 years. You can do it by getting yourself involved in fights with people. Don’t make any plan to escape from prison.


Drop out of school and make stupid decisions. Avoid reading books and do unsafe sexual relationships. You have to maintain your smarts graph under 10% to get this Ribbon in BitLife Ribbons list.


Avoid illegal activities of any kind. You have to have at least $250,000 net worth. Try to spend your life for more than 65 years. Avoid drugs and any addiction. Spend a healthy life with your family.


You need to grow love towards exotic animals. Start your life as a male or a transgender. Keep your net worth under a million and purchase at least 20 exotic animals. Spend your life with them happily.


To get this ribbon, you should have a Computer Science or IT degree. Complete the game as a Tuscon or Miami-born app developer, Tester, or Mogul.


You have to complete at least 10 thefts in the game. If you get caught then try to escape from prison. Ignore well-paid jobs. Just perform thefts, that’s it.


You have to die from an explosion or lightning strikes. You can also choose to die of a disease at a young age.


First of all, you have to complete your studies at the University.  Join the military as an enlistee or officer. Deploy a least 3 mines successfully. Get the highest rank. Get retired and you will get this ribbon from BitLife Ribbons list.


Earn this badge by dying in prison. Or do nothing and head to activities and surrender yourself.


Cheat on your partner, spread STD, and abandon your kids and pets. Convince people from the night club to attempt a three-way with you and your partner. Avoid nightstands, just do the threesome. To complete this, make sure you choose a partner with high crazy stats.

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