WhatsApp Messages Recall now available in India – Here is how to use this feature.

WhatsApp Message Recall India – This feature is now available in India, So you can use this feature. By this feature, you can delete your messages from your phone and even from the person’s phone whom you send that. But you should know about some limitations and conditions. WhatsApp Message Recall feature has been rumored for a year now. Fans were using some tricks to get this feature but this was not the Official way. Now, this rumor changed into reality.

WhatsApp Message Recall India

WhatsApp Message Recall Feature

The recall feature, officially known as Delete For Everyone now available to most Indian WhatsApp users. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to update your WhatsApp to get this lovely feature. It seems that this feature has been enabled by WhatsApp on the server and you don’t have to update your app. But hopefully, your app is not years old.

WhatsApp Message Recall India – The name of the feature suggests the working principle. When you delete your message it also gets deleted from the person’s phone who had received that message. But wait, there are some limitations. You can only delete your message within 7 minutes of sending. After 7 minutes, you won’t be able to delete that message for everyone. So, let’s see how the feature, WhatsApp Message Recall India, works.

How to use WhatsApp Message Recall India:-

  • In WhatsApp chat window, you have to select your message of messages that you want to delete. But your messages must have been sent in the last 7 Minutes.
  • After selecting your messages, tap on Trash/Delete/Recycle-bin Icon.
WhatsApp Message Recall India

WhatsApp Message Recall feature

  • After that, you can see a box where you can find three options – DELETE FOR ME will delete that messages from your phone only, CANCEL will send you back to that chat window and DELETE FOR EVERYONE will delete that messages from everyone’s Phone. 
WhatsApp Message Recall India

WhatsApp Message Recall Feature

  • Once your messages are deleted, in the place of that messages you will see “This message was deleted”.

Limitations of WhatsApp Message Recall India

This feature is really helpful for those who always send some messages by mistake. But this feature has some limitations that you have to keep in mind. After 7 minutes of sending you won’t be able to recall that message. So, if you are in anger and you send some messages to your lovely friend that you didn’t want to do so. And after an hour or a day, you realize that that was a huge mistake. Then you have no option. But if you realize that within 7 minutes of sending then there will be a chance for you to recall your message. Thanks to this feature.

But most important, don’t think so that your deleted message wasn’t read. It is possible that before you delete, it was read and also possible that it was screenshotted. And you won’t be able to delete messages that you forwarded. I hope you love this post about WhatsApp Message Recall India.

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