Some better alternative os

So today I’m going to discuss some os. Basically, some of them are free and also some of them came with price tags but very cheap. All of them are based on Linux. If you got an old pc but want to move to another operating system then those are really good alternatives.


1. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro used in the world, it got a very beautiful up, easy to use and it runs pretty well on low-end hardware very well, you can pretty much do everything in ubuntu just like windows. It its own store also from there you can download many plug-ins, apps. Download link-click here

Endless OS

2. Endless os

Some budget laptops on the market come with this os, its based on Android it can run some popular Android apps like WhatsApp in it also very lightweight and user-friendly, it comes with 2 version 1 with 100apps preloaded and 1 basic version. Download link-click here

3. Android x86

Android x86


Ya its possible to install android os on a pc not skinned one actually yo



u can install stock one, if you have a very weak PC or any ultra budget laptop, with atoms processor, you use it for daily mail checking, other tasks, Windows 10 comes with that became choppy after some update so, for those PCs I will suggest you install android x86 using a bootable USB, its really easy to install, if want tutorial then I will post it alternatively you can install phoenix os link of tutorial –click here

Download link for android X86-click here


4. DSL(damn small Linux)

If you really have an ancient PC it’s on the last stage or your pc having some problem with booting then you can try this smallest on list deals its sized between 65-112mb easy to use it got all basic staffs like firefox mail client, etc, even it has a better tool for file partition.

download link-click here


Those Linux distros are actually good and user-friendly. Even they will give a smooth experience on low-end hardware.


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