Samsung Galaxy P30, P30+ will feature In-Display fingerprint scanner before Galaxy S10

Samsung is going to do something amazing with their Galaxy S10 Series. Samsung’s S-series is a flagship series. Previous rumors suggest that Samsung Galaxy S10 series will have In-Display fingerprint scanner. But now according to the source, Samsung Galaxy P30 series will be the first Samsung phones to feature In-Display fingerprint scanner. Samsung will use Qualcomm’s In-Display fingerprint scanner. The Samsung Galaxy P30 will have a model number SM-G6200.

Samsung Galaxy P30 P30+

The triple rear camera is also expected on Galaxy S10 series. But before this, Samsung will introduce a triple camera on Galaxy A7. So what Samsung is going here? They are providing high-end technologies in upper mid-range devices. Then after that, they will implement these things in their flagships. So, they can get some user response and they will improve that on their flagship. So the experience in Samsung Flagships will be better. This is a good thing that Samsung is giving us these things in mid-range devices. Let’s see what is actually is going to be done with Samsung Galaxy P30/P30+. Stay tuned with us.



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