Reasons not to Buy Xiaomi Mi A2 – The Android One Camera Beast.

This is a post where you can find some Reasons not to Buy Xiaomi Mi A2. After a lot of waiting and hype, Xiaomi officially launched their Xiaomi Mi A2 device. This device comes with the Android One program and a great pair of cameras. But there are some cons. Maybe these reasons can restrict you to buy this one. So read the full article and let us know your own thoughts via comments.

Reasons not to Buy Xiaomi Mi A2

Reasons not to Buy Xiaomi Mi A2:

  1. No 3.5mm Headphone Jack: Xiaomi launched a mid-range device with no 3.5mm jack. This is something really unexpected at least from our favorite mid-range device manufacturer. It’s true that there’s an option to use earphones or headphones via USB Type-C port. But earphones or headphones with USB Type-C are not available in huge numbers. If you still want to us 3.5mm jack then you have to take care of that connector. It’s too tough to take that much care of that small connector. Another option is Bluetooth earphones. But most of the Bluetooth earphones or headphones are not that much affordable at least not for them who buy a mid-range device. This can be acceptable for flagship devices but not for a mid-range device without 3.5mm jack.
  2. No MicroSD slot: We are facing lots of problems with the Hybrid slot. Most of the smartphones are coming with Hybrid slot these days. In the hybrid configuration, you can expand your storage but you have to sacrifice your one sim slot. It means you can’t use 2 sims and a microSD card at the same time. You have to use 2 sims or a sim with a microSD card. But in Xiaomi Mi A2, you can’t do so. You can’t use a microSD card to expand your storage because there’s no MicroSD slot. So you have to buy 128GB variant or 64GB variant. So think twice before buying.
  3. Poor Battery: Previously launched Mi A1, the battery was poor. Now, we were expecting that Mi A2 will come with an upgraded battery. But again Xiaomi gave really poor battery. Xiaomi Mi A2 comes with 3010 mAh battery. Yeah, it’s true that there’s the Stock Android. So there’s not that much issue with the software. But still, 3010 mAh is really low. At least they can give us 4,000 mAh or somewhere around it. But because of 3010 mAh battery, the device is really slim (only 7.3mm thick) and gives a premium in-hand feeling.
  4. No Fast Charger in the Box: Xiaomi Mi A2 supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0. But the company is not providing a fast charger in the box. They are offering 5V-2A normal charger. So if you want to charge it quickly then you have to buy a fast charger separately. It is really painful.

These are some painful Reasons not to Buy Xiaomi Mi A2. I hope this article helped you to make decisions. If yes, then share with your friends and stay tuned to 4TECHLoverz for more posts.


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