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Here some tricks to Play Fortnite on Android Devices. Fortnite released on this year and gain so much popularity among twitch and youtube streamers, it became most streamed game ever on twitch and on youtube, the reason behind Fortnite is popular as battle royale, because it is same style battle royale game like PUBG but with cartoonish fun graphics and it has a unique building style mechanism and fastpaced shooting. It received an official port for IOS by the same Developer of pc and console counterpart, Epic games. Mobile port features same gameplay like pc with almost the same features, but with lower graphics, still, it looks gorgeous on mobile phones. It also received Android port to celebrate Samsung note 9 release. It is exclusively available on Samsung flagship devices like S9, S8, S7 line up and tab 4s. That game requires at least 3gb ram along with Adreno 530 and mali g71. It will be soon available on another Android device. If you want to play this game now on your Device you can play but you need a better device.
So requirements are to play this game on unsupported phones are

  • Minimum GPU-Adreno 530,
  • Ram-3gb
  • And the most important thing a Rooted device

Play Fortnite on Android Devices

Steps to Play Fortnite on Android:-

  1. First, install Xposed installer from here, install Xposed installer then open that app and install Xposed framework from that app, it will ask Root access give it. after installing it will ask to reboot your phone, do it.
  2. Then click here and install this app called fortunate from here install it and open exposed installer go to module section and mark it and reboot your phone.
  3. Download Fortnite from here, install it open that app and voila it will start downloading the data of that game its around 1.4-1.7 GB.
  4. After login in the game and play a bit if you wish you can remove the footnote from Xposed module list from the Xposed installer.

So if you have Rooted and you have a better device but can’t play because of compatibility issue you can definitely try this. Check out our other blogs for new phone release and game, apps & tips, and tricks.


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