New Update for Instagram Stories – Stories Preview like Facebook in Mid-Feed

We know that Snapchat like Instagram Stories is too much popular. We all are addicted to this Instagram Stories feature. Instagram wants to ensure you don’t just scroll by its Snapchat clone. There is a new design on Instagram that its mid-feed re-engagement box for Stories to show preview tiles of people’s slideshows that are twice as big as the Stories.

Instagram Stories has 250 million daily users that is more than Snapchat’s entire app and it has over 800 million monthly users. Facebook-owned Instagram beats Snapchat in this field. There is no such algorithm in Snapchat to show Stories from our best friends instead of recent stories. That is present on Instagram and this is really helpful to engage more.

Instagram Stories

Credit: Techcrunch

There is no such change in above story portion. But when you start scrolling you can find Instagram Stories with 2x Bigger size and the layout is similar to Facebook Stories. Instagram says there is no plan now to change that above Stories layout. But in case you missed some story from your love once then most probably you can find those missed Instagram Stories in a different format at Mid-Feed. 

You can see there the main Story and Story publisher’s profile picture in a round bubble. This is similar to the Facebook Stories. And you can explore more by swiping left or right. So mainly, you can find the Slideshow of Facebook like Stories in the middle of your feed. Those are twice as big as the Stories bar atop the feed. 

So Snapchat is going to be killed by Instagram. Snapchat needs more improvement and it has to do something creative and extraordinary. Then the game can be changed. AR art, 3D characters and SnapMap may not be enough because the competition is really tough. And Instagram is doing very well with the Instagram Stories.

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