LINE QUICK GAME Announced – Play without installing Similar to the WeChat Games

LINE announced a gaming platform called “LINE QUICK GAME” one their LINE CONFERENCE 2018. You can play games without installing it. It is similar to the WeChat Games. According to the company, users can play games without installing their LQG (LINE QUICK GAME) with the help of HTML5. They will launch it  under the concept of “offering excitement right away.” LINE has over 75 million monthly active users.

HTML5 games playable on web browsers without a specific app are gaining popularity in the field of smartphone games as the technology and development of game middleware advance. HTML5 game titles and players are increasing in number through social media and message apps.


It is also worth mentioning that LINE also announced cooperation with Netease’s Wilderness Action at the meeting. LINE announced that LQG will be released this summer, and cooperation with Wilderness Action is expected to start soon.

In the first release, the globally popular handheld caring game “Tamagotchi” will be available on LINE QUICK GAME as “Tamagotchi on LINE!!” and the globally played pencil puzzle game “Sudoku” as “LINE Daily Sudoku.” LINE has released various casual games such as the hexagonal puzzle game series “LINE POP” and matching puzzle game “LINE PokoPoko”. Recently games and contents such as “Jumputi Heroes” and “The Thousand Noble Musketeers” have also been released.


Game title Game genre Partner companies
Tamagotchi on LINE!! Growth, collection BANDAI CO., LTD.

GeePlus, Inc.

LINE Let’s Quiz Quiz GeePlus, Inc.

gameage R&I Co.,Ltd.

Jetpack Bandits Multi-player battle royal action Wizcorp Inc.
koToro_ Chat-style scenario game

(network mystery)

Digital Garage, Inc.
Dino Ballz Puzzle action SundayToz, Inc.
Fishing Star QUICK Fishing action Wright Flyer Studios
Battle Cats Galaxy Shooting Game Closure, Inc.


LINE Daily Sudoku Puzzle CoolGames


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