Indian Offline Smartphone Market – The Sad Part About India

This article is for the sad part of the Indian Offline Smartphone Market, the Situation of the Indian Offline Smartphone Market. Now, most of the people are using the Online platform to buy Gadgets and all. But there are some people who don’t have any Online Connectivity So, they prefer the Offline Market to buy Smartphones and all gadgets. Most of the people are finding the best gadgets in their price segment. But some people don’t have any source (YouTube, Google etc) to get suggestions to get the best deal in their price segment. So, the only source to get the suggestion is the salesman. But you should know more about the Indian Offline Smartphone Market.

Indian Offline Smartphone Market

Do you know, in Indian Offline Smartphone Market, some brand’s smartphones are just overpriced. It means you can get the better device in that price segment. But these types of brands are just wasting their money for the promotion instead of making good and value for money devices. They just fool us. They are just promoting their brands via posters, TV Advertisements and more. And they are also hiring some actors to promote their products. If they will invest it on their device and launch it little cheaper then this will be great for us and for them as well.

Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, these brands are doing the great work in India. They give us value for money product instead of wasting it on promotions. That is why we love these brands and their products.

Indian Offline Smartphone Market

The situation of the Offline Smartphone Market of India:-

Now I want to share my experience about the Indian Offline Smartphone Market with you. I always prefer online shopping when it comes to buying a Gadget. But somehow, I went to purchase a smartphone from the offline store with my uncle. I knew all the things. What type of specification I could get in that price segment. So, when I entered the store I saw many parts over there. There were different divisions of brans. Different Salesman were calling me from different brands. I know this was their duty. But that’s little annoying for me.

My uncle went to a salesman from Oppo and then Salesman started. He told all things and features about that phone. But those were the pros of that phone. He was just hiding all the cons that the device had. I knew all the things and asked him about the device. When I asked about the processor he said that this device has Octa-Core Processor. I asked which Processor sir. He replied again, “Octa-Core”. I knew that was the MediaTek’s MT6737. I asked about the camera specifications. He just said the number of megapixels. I asked for the aperture and pixel size. He was blank. You should know that the only megapixel is not the major thing in terms of Camera. Read my article about this topic. Really Megapixel Always Matter? Check Out What You Need to Know Beyond MegaPixels.
I knew that device was not worthy. But that was urgent for my uncle. So finally, being a Samsung fan my uncle went for the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime. I know that is also a not value for money device. But that was the uncle’s choice. Thank God. My uncle didn’t choose that Shit. This is the sad part of the Indian Offline Smartphone Market.

Now come to the point. You should know

How the Indian Offline Smartphone Market works:-

Indian Offline Smartphone Market

In Indian Offline Smartphone Market, the salesman’s job is to sell their products as more as they can. Some companies like Oppo and Vivo give them a huge incentive for some targets. The salesman can’t be blamed here. Because they have to do it for their lives. They also have a family. They have to take care of them. If you are the salesman then most probably you would do the same, you would want to sell your products as much as you can. Most probably they don’t know which device is better in that price segment or they know all these things but they have to do it.

The motive is to aware you about these situations of the Indian Offline Smartphone Market. They just fool us. If you love your money, if you don’t want to waste your money on such products then avoid Indian Offline Smartphone Market. Prefer Online Shopping. If you have no way to do so then tell someone from your family or friends to find the best value for money device. I can surely say that if you start buying Products online once then you will be addicted to this. I want to just help you and want to save your money.

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