Gbox – A Must Have App for Instagram Users

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms where lots of peoples are focusing. It is a platform where people share their images, video and etc. Every Instagram user wants to gain followers and wants to make their profile attractive. So to make your profile attractive, Gbox will help you here. Gbox is an Android application which is available on Google Play and developed by Jay Kapoor. The app has 9 Tools such as 9 Grid, Color Picker, Creative Fronts, HD Dp Viewer, Glitch Effect, Swipey Photos and more. These tools will make your Instagram stuffs easy.

Gbox Google Play


Gbox’s status in Google Play:

Gbox has 100,000+ installs with 4.7 ratings on Google Play. The size of the 0.3.4 version of the App is just 31.22 MB.

Features or Tools of Gbox App:

The layout of the app is pretty clean and user-friendly. After a cool looking animation startup screen, you will see a panel where you can find your 9 tools. A setting button is placed at the top right position. In settings, you will find multiple options. First three options are for supporting the App. The ‘DM us on Instagram’ option will redirect you to the Gbox’s official Instagram page. The ‘Request a feature’ does the same thing. The ‘Rate us on Google PlayStore’ will obviously redirect you to their Gbox’s Google Play page. The last three options for ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Terms and Services’ and ‘Open Source Libraries’.

As we mentioned above, it offers 9 tools to boost your Instagram experience. I am using this application for a long time. It is really helpful. So let’s talk about its 9 tools one by one.

1. 9 Grid:

This tool will divide your pictures into 9 Pieces. Then you can upload it on Instagram to make your profile cool and attractive. This is really a trendy feature that most of the Instagram users using. After dividing your picture into 9 pieces, It will tell you to save these 9 pieces. Then each piece will have a number on it. It helps you to upload it in the right sequence. If you tap on these numbers you will be redirected to the Instagram upload image panel. So in this way you can upload your 9 pieces correctly. This tool makes your 9 Grid kinds of stuff easy. You can also upload 6 Grids and 3 Grids with the help of this tool.

2. Color Picker:

It allows you to pick a color from any image. You have to just tap on it and it will give you the hex code of the color. And it also tells you the name of the color which is really great. You can simply copy from the copy button.

3. Creative Fonts:

You can type anything. It offers interesting fonts. Like Reverse, Upside Down, Upside Down Reverse, Bubble. If you tap on the bottom half of the screen, it will be copied directly. Now you can paste where you want.

4. HD DP Viewer:

It allows you to see anyone’s Instagram DP in HD. You have to just enter the Instagram Username. That’s it. Now you can save it.

5. Glitch Effects:

It is a type of photo editing tool that provides multiple glitch effects. It has ‘Glitch’, ‘Anaglyph’, ‘Swap’, ‘Ghost’, ‘Wobble’, ‘Noise’, ‘Touch Pixel’ and ‘Censored’. All these options will edit your picture. The ‘Censored option will provide a rectangular black box by which you can hide any part of your image.

6. No Crop Post:

It basically makes your picture square by providing blurred bars or colored bars. You can choose blurred one or a colored one. Then you can post it directly on Instagram.

7. Repost:

If you want to repost something then this tool will help you to do so. If you go here, it will tell you to do some steps. 1. Open Instagram. 2. Tap on the three-dot button of that post. 3. Choose Copy Link option. Then visit this again. It will provide a repost mark at the corner. You can edit it as a light one or dark one.

8. Swipeable Photo:

If you have a long panorama shot then this tool will help you to make it as a swipeable photo. That will look cool. But your image should be a high-quality image.

9. Video Splitter:

The name suggests that it will split your videos. You can adjust the time of each segment. Or you can select the platform where you want to share your video. It will adjust accordingly. The Instagram option will split each segment in 15 Seconds. The Facebook option will split each segment in 20 Seconds. The WhatsApp option will split each segment in 30 Seconds. And the Snapchat option will split each segment in 60 Seconds.




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