Dual Boot Android with Windows easily – Step by Step Procedure 

In this article, we are going to give a step by step procedure for Dual Boot Android with Windows easily. Android, it’s a Smartphone OS everyone is familiar. According to the survey, Android is the most used mobile OS in that world. Most of you use Bluestacks and other Android emulators to play some Android games and also use some Android apps on your pc. But some of you with weaker hardware face lagging issue with Bluestacks, especially pc users with 2GB-4GB ram, with a 2core processor, so there are plenty of alternatives there, like Nox player. But all emulator face the same issue like freezing, lagging.

But now there is a way to boot Android as an operating system alongside with windows, like Remix OS. But those require a USB flash drive to work. And every time when you want to boot your Android OS you need to insert that pen drive and boot from there, but it has its own specialty you have a portable OS, you can use it on every pc and turn any pc into an Android OS. There is another one called Phoenix OS it has windows 10 like similar android nougat based UI, with the multi-window feature, inbuilt support for mapping Android games with your keyboard. And it has an ability to boots straight from the hard disk without removing your installed windows as a secondary OS. Both work as a dual OS system. after starting your pc you can choose between phoenix-OS or windows. And installation is easy a piece of cake. Just follow these steps below,

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Minimum Requirements to run this

  • Operating system 2GB RAM
  • A dual-core x86(32bit)or x64(64bit)processor(Intel and AMD both)

Follow Steps:

  • Click below to download: Download Phoenix OS
  • Click on the official downloadDual Boot Android with Windows easily
  • After downloading double-click on the installer and it will show you that windowDual Boot Android with Windows easily
  • Click on installDual Boot Android with Windows easily
  • Click your desired size, it will be the size of your ROM/internal storage. And wait it will show installation complete. Then reboot your pc and you will see there are two OS windows and phoenix OS, select phoenix os. It will take some time to complete its setup so don’t panic. After that, it will ask you to connect to the internet and set your username to do that and then you will see a desktop style android os.Dual Boot Android with Windows easily

You can also uninstall that just click uninstall in the installer it will uninstall. You can also check out our other blogs about the latest smartphones, games etc. If this article about Dual Boot Android with Windows helped you then don’t forget to share with your friends.


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