Call of duty blackops official coming on Android mobile devices

Call of duty, one of best fps series of all time on pc. All of you who plays games know about it. It has too many series of games with a great storyline and also along with the great multiplayer system. Among them, black ops multiplayer is the famous one.on android, there are some actual call of duty games, like black ops zombies, call of duty strike-team and call of duty heroes. But they all lack the feature of the multiplayer combat system. So there is a new call of duty android game is coming from Tencent a huge game company in China.

As you all know about Tencent games, at this moment the famous developer of mobile games, who presented us PUBG mobile, they are gonna release a new call of duty black ops game on Android and iOS phone that game has the same multiplayer concept of call of duty black ops 2. Maybe in future, it will give support for black ops zombie mode, and also it will give upcoming black ops 4 style battle royale style gameplay. But it would be sure that game will have demanding requirements so there will be no way for the low-end device for playing that game.

  • Currently, rumors saying that there will be new GTA style online game for Android and also a game like rainbow six type games port for Android. Currently, call of duty official is not available publicly. Maybe some beta tests are going on but we will notify when it will available. So as you see Android gaming is developing in the market of gaming. So expect there will be more great titles for Android phones in the future. There is already has some great pc ports for Android, like GTA SA, limbo, odd world. Even the developments are growing fast as you see we got 2 biggest pc/console game port PUBG/Fortnite on Android devices, so maybe this call of duty game will available around December or January of next year. See below for screenshots

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

screenshot 2


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