BlackBerry Ghost will be equipped with 4000 mAh battery – EVLeaks

BlackBerry Ghost will be equipped with 4000 mAh battery. Although the BlackBerry has abandoned the transformation of its hardware business into a software service provider, the BlackBerry brand is still using the licensing method. After seemingly sweet in the licensing cooperation with TCL, this time the BlackBerry intends to license the Indian manufacturer Optimus.

Earlier EVleaks revealed that Optimus plans to launch the new BlackBerry Ghost series this summer, and some details about the aircraft are now exposed. Well-known breaking EVleaks revealed that the device uses an 18:9 full screen, with an ultra-narrow bezel design. From the rendering of the exposure, the BlackBerry Ghost screen is below the BlackBerry Logo, and the middle frame is made of metal.

Evleaks also revealed that the device will be equipped with a 4000mAh large battery, which is the largest battery capacity in the history of BlackBerry, and there is no problem for heavy users to use it for one day. And the BlackBerry Ghost will also be equipped with dual cameras, with low light enhancement and support for optical zoom. In addition, this device is only available in the Indian market.

Blackberry Ghost leak


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