Best Fortnite alternative for Low-end pc – Only 800MB

This article will tell you the best Fortnite alternative for low-end PC. Fortnite, PUBG big names now in online gaming, both received pc, console, and mobile ports. PUBG is already out but Fortnite, its only exclusively available on Samsung S9/S8/S7 and some flagship phones. Most of us still own phones with lower specs we just dream to run those games. Tencent has released a beta version of PUBG for low-end phones check out if you want to try the beta version.

Anyway, PUBG PC needs a decent Specs to run and also it’s also not free, so most people play Fortnite cause it’s free and also it doesn’t need a beefy pc to run that, but if you want to play it then decently it needs at least a core i3, 6GB-8GB RAM and at least a GT1030 to play at decent framerates. But hold on! There is an identical same style game is here you can call it a Fortnite clone or Fortnite alternative known as Creative Destruction. It is Developed by Netease. It has android version, But it released a PC version, and surprisingly it needs little power to play and also small in size (700-800MB).

Minimum Requirements:

  • A dual-core CPU at 2.5ghz
  • RAM- 2GB
  • GPU-any low-end GPU with DX10 support
  • 512MB-1GB VRAM or Intel HD graphics
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  • Processor- Intel Core i3
  • Ram- 4GB
  • GPU- Intel HD will work

Just click down below on the name and download.

Creative Destruction – Best Fortnite alternative:

Download that and install it it will take some time and after installing open it from desktop and from that client it will download some data around (80-90mb). then log in and play. see below for screenshot and a small review

Review: Actually I was trying to find a good battle royale style game for my pc, I came across this, it has a same fortnite style build mechanism with 100 players, battle royale solo or you can play with a squad. It’s really fun to play and works well with my PC. And in terms of graphics, its amazing for its size, I played a couple of matches. It worked, flawlessly got stunned with this graphics.

Fortnite alternative download – Download Now

Some screenshots:

Best Fortnite alternative for Low-end pc

fortnite alternative download

fortnite alternative download

fortnite alternative

Running on ultra – my specs:

  • Pentium Dual core e5300 @ 2.66ghz
  • Ram-4GB
  • GPU-R5 230 1GB.

What do you think about this game? Is it really a great Fortnite alternative? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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