Best Bluetooth Speaker in India I have used in 2019

Best Bluetooth speaker in India

Bluetooth speakers are getting popular in 2019. Upgrades in Bluetooth technology implied that they’re ready to offer an entirely different and great sound experience. Further, upgrades in the battery capacity implies that you don’t need to stress over charging these speakers frequently.

You can either use it to enhance your personal audio experience or use it for small parties. All you have to stress over is charging them, connecting them with your Mobile or any other device. Then, boom, your audio experience will be at another level.

On the off chance that you are vigilant for a decent Bluetooth speaker, here’s our list of some of good alternatives. Some are for rough use, some are with attractive looks, some are waterproof and some aren’t fit for the outside. Read through and take your pick.

Here’s the list (list of Bluetooth speakers that I have used personally):

1. Mivi Octave:

Best Bluetooth Speakers in India - Mivi Octave

I am using Mivi Octave from May 2019. And I am still using it as my primary audio gadget. Its connectivity is really great. I am using it with my laptop and smartphone. I watch movies, listen to music by connecting this speaker. This is my personal experience. In simple words, the audio quality is rich. Midtones, high tones, bass all these things are superbly balanced. You will get a lot of basses from this speaker and bass radiator looks cool. When you play music with high bass, the bass radiator starts jumping. The sound level of this Mivi Octave Bluetooth speaker is loud enough for a small house party. It comes with a 16W Stereo Speakers. Its sound will not hurt your ears. It is producing a soft kind of sound that will be pleasant for your ears. As this speaker is waterproof, you can use it in the swimming pool area or somewhere else where water is gonna present. In terms of building quality, it is too sturdy and well built. It is covered with high quality threaded fabric with nice texture. The bottom side has a rubber padding for good grip. So, if you want a decent loudspeaker with nice build quality, then Mivi Octave is nice option for you. Just click and buy it.

BUY NOW – ₹ 2,699

2. Mivi Roam

Best Bluetooth Speakers in India - Mivi Roam

This is the second Mivi Bluetooth Speaker on the list. People with a tight budget is gonna love this Mivi Roam speaker. Yes, I am also using it for a long time. As compared to the previous one, it is compact and for small parties. It comes with a 5W speaker so you can have an idea about the loudness. It’s not sufficient for a party but it is loud enough for one room. In terms of sound, it is similar to the Mivi Octave. Note that, I’m talking about the quality of the sound. In simple words, it has well-balanced audio. And it is also waterproof so no worries again. But in terms of portability, Mivi Roam is better. Because it is compact and lightweight. The building is also premium and has the fabric at the top. At the bottom, it has rubber padding to stay perfectly on the flat surface. Battery backup is quite good. It can give you 8 hours (approximately) of backup in a single charge. So for compact and super-portable Bluetooth speaker, Mivi Roam is gonna your first option. Buy it from the below link.

BUY NOW – ₹ 1,199

3. Maono Au-u3

Best Bluetooth Speakers in India - Maono Au-u3

Maono Au-U3 is another 5W portable speaker. It is just an option for the Mivi Roam. So the question is why you should choose it over Mivi Roam Bluetooth speaker. The answer is bass and its sub-woofer. Because of its sub-woofer, it produces a lot of bass as compared to Mivi Roam. The audio experience will be great for people who love thumpy bass. It comes with IPX6 Rating. In terms of build quality, it is good. The front panel is made of metal and sides have the rubberized finish. The buttons are tactile. The most attracting feature is its battery. It offers 1800 mAh battery which is really huge for this size speaker. The company claims that it will give you 24 hours of battery backup. And I personally used it and I got something similar. You can also play songs with MicroSD Card directly. Looks amazing? Wanna buy it? Just click below.

BUY NOW – ₹ 2,000

4. Flipkart SmartBuy

Best Bluetooth Speakers in India - Flipkart SmartBuy

This is the most affordable Bluetooth speaker on this list. It costs around 500 Rs. on Flipkart. And this comes under the Flipkart SmartBuy branding. Compact, well-built and nice sound. You should not expect thumpy bass from this cheapest Bluetooth speaker. Battery back up is not top-notch in this one. But the sound quality is good for this price range. But I recommend the other options.

BUY NOW – ₹ 579

5. Logitech X50

Logitech X50

If you are looking for a branded Bluetooth speaker then Logitech X50 is good. I have used it personally and I loved it initially. But there is a lot of competition from other brands. So you can get a better speaker at the lower price segment. But if you still wanna have a branded product then you can go for it. The audio experience of this wireless speaker is pleasant and well balanced. This is not for bass lovers. If you want sweet and soft sound then you should go for it. It will give you 5 hours of audio experience then you have to charge it via MicroUSB. Logitech X50 has a plastic body with a poor built. The backside has a rubberized material. Overall, a decent Bluetooth speaker. Buy it from below.

BUY NOW – ₹ 1,999

Don’t forget to tell us your favorite Bluetooth speaker in India in 2019. If you are using any of them then share your experience in the comment section. With lots of love, I will be back with a new and exciting article.

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