Month: October 2019

Pixel 4 Recorder App Transcribes Voice into text in Real-Time – Get on Any Android Phone

Pixel 4 Recorder App

The New Google Pixel 4 Recorder App is one of the coolest features in 2019. This App instantly transcribes your voice into text in real-time and you can search a particular word, applause, and music from your recordings. This new Pixel 4 Recorder App is only exclusive for new Pixel devices. But wait, we are …

Best Bluetooth Speaker in India I have used in 2019

Best Bluetooth speaker in India

Bluetooth speakers are getting popular in 2019. Upgrades in Bluetooth technology implied that they’re ready to offer an entirely different and great sound experience. Further, upgrades in the battery capacity implies that you don’t need to stress over charging these speakers frequently. You can either use it to enhance your personal audio experience or use …